about Me:

Uncommon situations, talking to strangers and embarking on the unknown is what interests me the most. The red hair and a different way of looking at the world has always made me a slight outcast, so it wouldn’t be the first rodeo as a lone ranger. An eclectic upbringing—born in Santa Monica, raised in Venice Beach—this privilege lifestyle environment has provided me with an appreciation of diverse and alternate perspectives.

Beyond creating new designs that change nothing, I want to help create designs that inspire solutions and help address real social and environmental problems to leave the world a better place. I love being presented with a puzzle, for the wicked problems are the ones I find the most inspiring. Since a kid, I’ve often been the first one to be asked on how to fix something. Doesn’t always mean I’ll fix it. But hell, I’ll try.



Design Philosophy: 

Let's take the empirical route, find out what we can, and iterate from there. 

It’s not the fancy designers and products that really get me all that jazzed, it's more intriguing to understand the problem being solved and how, or not...

  • Why does this even exist?

  • Wow, this is cool and well thought out!

  • Geez - how did they miss that?

What grabs my attention is what people like, what’s working or isn’t, and where markets are heading. Beyond that, its all creativity and collaboration.