Vissla's #creatorscontest finalist 2016 

Project Parameters:

To create an article of surf craft (surfboard, boogie board, fin, alaia, skim board, hand plane etc.) out of up-cycled (re-purposed) materials and document your journey along the way.

We were nominated top 15/200 entries to have the product shown at Interval gallery exhibition in San Clemente, Ca.


Special thanks to: Joel Herzel Pacific Edge Climbing Gym Bonny Doon Winery Bantam Haut Surf Shop

Created and Directed by: Taylor Lane

Filmed and Edited by: Ben Judkins

Music: Hang Tan By Toubab Krewe People Everywhere (Still Alive) By Khruangbin (Instagram cut) © Copyright Juddy Productions August 2016 I do not own the rights to the music